lots of dreams & inspiration.

inspiration CollageCollage made by me / pics borrowed from weheartit. 

Idag var jag och min mamma på Inköp i Göteborg, på On Interiör. Ett super härligt inrednings företag med grym stil. I bilen på väg hem satt jag och mamma och diskuterade framtiden, studier och kommande inrednings projekt. Jag har så mycket inspiration och saker jag vill sätta igång med. Super spännande, vill ni ser mer inredning & mina projekt här på bloggen? 

Today, me and my mom went on purchases in Gothenburg, ”On Interior.” A super beautiful interior decorating business with an awesome style. In the car on the way home we discussed the future, such as studies and future decorating projects. I have so much inspiration and things I want to get started with. Super exciting, do you want to see more interior design & my projects here on the blog?

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  1. I would love to see your future projects!!!! Btw, love this collage that you created. I adore all the earthy and contemporary elements in the interior decor. Those mini round lights dangling down look soo chic!!!:D It’s amazing what black,white, and grey can do to a room.


    1. It really is amazing! I love interior !! Thanks, then I will show more projects! 🙂

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