bild 5-10Startade dagen med en super mumsig brunch med min mormor på Fahlmans, börjar bli stammis där nu. Men konstigt när det är så gott? 
Senare idag blir det dagens outfit, lite inrednings inspiration från dagen i Göteborg – allt medans jag jobbar ett kick-ass pass på Zara. Mycket sjuka just nu, så fick hoppa in på ett längre pass, you’re welcome Nina ;* Krya på dig!

This was my ”Todays breakfast” downtown in Helsingborg, my grandma invited for brunch, such a cozy and delicious morning. Later today, while I’m at work you can see todays outfit, and be inspired of some interior design ideas we saw when me and my mom was in Gothenburg. Enjoy!

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  1. That looks like some delish and healthy brunch! How cute that you ate with your granma, so sweet:D Helsingborg? I heard that’s a beautiful place:)I really hope to visit it one day.

    I don’t comment often but i just wanted to let you know that every now and again i come back to your blog for updates:) It’s a really good mix of inspiration for fitness, food, style, and interior design and that is why i loveeeeeeeeee coming back! Of course instagram makes it even easier to update,hehe

    Soooo………keep doing what you do girl!!!:D


    1. Helsingborg is a really nice city, you should definitely visit some day! 🙂
      Awe, thank you so much !! That means so much! XX

  2. Määäh, frulle på Fahlmans är osalgbart alltså! Åt oxå där i veckan..
    Svar på din fråga i bloggen – stövlarna hittade jag på Zara 🙂 Puss!

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